Getting Started

Custom Jira Charts for Confluence has identical functionality on Cloud, Server and Data Center.

Insert the Custom Jira Charts macro on a Confluence page

Click on the Custom Jira Charts macro to open the editor

Cloud EditorServer & Data Center Editor

Start by selecting a Project, Saved filter or JQL query into the Source input to find your issues

If you need some help writing your JQL query check out our quick getting started guide

Try using a Simple Search macro to to share a dynamic filter across multiple Custom Charts

Choose from a wide range of Chart Types

Next, select your Chart By option from the drop-down list and choose a Calculate option

Customize the segment order and colors of your charts


The show/hide selector allows you to hide segments that you don't want to display on your charts

Edit the name of any segments using the pencil icon that appears when you hover over an option

Merge multiple options into a single segment using the plus icon next to each segment

Use the Display Options to further customize your charts

For even more customization of your charts use Chart By Custom JQL or Saved filters

Each segment is now an individual JQL search which means you can chart by anything that you can write a JQL search for! 

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