Cloud Price Changes - 2021

Custom Charts has come a long way in the past 18 months. From humble beginnings as a simple pie chart with a color picker to a fully functional, powerful reporting tool.

Our core design philosophy has remained laser-focused on a single goal:

Building tools for non-technical teams

The initial idea for custom charts came from Jira users (JRASERVER-42158, JRACLOUD-42158) and since then nearly all of our features have been from customer requests and suggestions. With over 2,000 installations across Jira and Confluence, Custom Charts has quickly become a must-have reporting tool for any teams using Jira.

As the product owner of the app, I spend a lot of time talking to users to hear their struggles and feature requests. These are all added to our public feature roadmap for everyone to see exactly what the team is working on right now and what we have planned in the near future.

Custom Charts - June 2019

Custom Charts - December 2020

Custom Charts - June 2019

Custom Charts - December 2020

Custom Charts is under very active development from a growing team. We’re consistently improving existing features and reaching out to the community for ideas. The Custom Charts team has expanded quickly and have built a stable, reliable and maintainable Cloud infrastructure that is faster, more responsive and able to handle variable loads. All of this sounds like a given that is often taken for granted in 2020 for SAAS providers, but the execution is important and our team has worked hard to build a world-class solution for our customers.

Our plan as a company is to continue to build this software because we really enjoy making it and genuinely helping non-technical users. A small, dedicated, passionate, focused team is our a unique advantage and we are changing the pricing structure for our Cloud apps to secure the future of Custom Charts and allow us to continue building a best-in-class reporting tool.

Upcoming Features

Share Dashboards

Tile Charts

Count, Average, Median & Mode

Simple Search Tabs

Cloud Price Change - Questions and Answers

Below is an FAQ section explaining the changes, how they will impact existing users, and hopefully answer all questions that arise. If you would like more information or to speak directly to our team please reach out to:

When are we changing our prices?

  • The price change was made on the Atlassian Marketplace on the 4th December 2020.

Why the 4th December 2020?

  • Because it takes a minimum of 30 days for price changes to impact our existing customers and we didn’t like the idea existing customers being billed more over the holiday period.

I am an existing Cloud customer, when will I pay the new price?

  • Existing customers get a 60-day price override so they can pay the lower price when they renew or purchase. They receive the renewal price override as long as they're on the same product edition and the quote is created before the renewal override date (60 days from the price change).

  • Existing evaluators in Cloud can also pay the lower price if purchased before the evaluation expires.  

How does this impact Annual licences?

  • Annual Cloud pricing is tiered and calculated at 10 times the monthly rate.

What is the new pricing structure?

User tiers

Old Pricing (Monthly rate)

New Pricing (Monthly rate)

User tiers

Old Pricing (Monthly rate)

New Pricing (Monthly rate)

Up to 10 users

$1.00 flat rate

$1.00 flat rate

1-100 Users

$1.00 per user

$2.00 per user

101-250 Users

$100 + $0.50 per additional user

$200 + $1.00 per additional user

251-1000 Users

$175 + $0.20 per additional user

$350 + $0.20 per additional user

1001-5000 Users

$325 + $0.20 per additional user

$500 + $0.15 per additional user

5001-10000 Users

$1125 + $0.10 per additional user

$1100 + $0.10 per additional user


Example Pricing

Old Pricing (Monthly rate)

New Pricing (Monthly rate)

Old Pricing (Monthly rate)

New Pricing (Monthly rate)