Save your favorite charts as templates to be reused by you or your team. Templates can be saved as private (just for you) or global (for everyone in your Jira or Confluence instance).

Watch templates in action!


Need help coming up with ideas for charts? Custom Charts comes with several example templates to get you started!

Template Types

Private Templates

Private Templates are only visible to the user who created them. You can create as many private templates as you want, and other users in the Jira instance will not be able to see or use the templates.

Global Templates

Global Templates are visible to all users with the Global Template Viewer permission. Global Templates can be used by anyone who can see them, but they can only be created or edited by users with the Global Template Administrator permission.

See Template Permissions for more specifics on these permissions

Example Templates

Example Templates come with Custom Charts and can be seen and used by all users. These are a few examples that we’ve created to help you get started. These templates are not editable, but you can use the template, make any changes you want in the chart, and then save your changes as a private or global template.