User's Guide

Amazon S3 Connector for Confluence user guide:

Adding a new Bucket

The administration section gives you the ability to manage your Amazon S3 Buckets.

To create a new Bucket association, click on "+ Add Bucket"

Fill in all required fields to successfully add a new bucket

LabelA custom label that will be used in the macro to hide the real S3 Bucket name
S3 Bucket Name

The name of your S3 Bucket exactly as it is displayed in AWS (Buckets can be created using the AWS Console)

Access Key

The access key of the IAM user who has access to specified S3 Bucket (Created through IAM on the AWS Console)

Secret Key

The secret key of the IAM user who has access to specified S3 Bucket (Created through IAM on the AWS Console)

Note: To start a bucket in a subdirectory simply add the path to the bucket name

E.g. BucketName/SubDirectory 

To test your Bucket credentials click on the button “Test & Add” and you will be informed about the validation result

Bucket Permissions

Once a bucket has been created the permission manager will appear where you can select which users, groups and Spaces can access the Bucket

If you do not set any permissions after creating a bucket, no one will be able to view, edit or delete objects

Add users and groups to the Bucket permissions to grant them the desired level of access

ViewView all bucket files 
CreateUpload files and create new folders
RenameRename existing files and folders
DeleteDelete files and folders

Restrict Bucket access to only allow it to be viewed in selected Spaces - Leave empty to allow all Spaces to access this bucket

Editing and Deleting a Bucket

Existing Buckets can be edited and deleted from the main Bucket list on the Amazon S3 Settings menu

Macro Options

Configure the macro layout and display options

TitleSet a title for the macro
BucketSelect the Bucket to display - only buckets that the current user has permission to view will be available in the drop-down list
Show BordersShow a border around the macro
Show VersionsIf versioning is enabled on the Bucket selecting this option will show previous versions of objects
Display Image ThumbnailsShows preview of images as a small thumbnail
Thumbnail SizeSelect thumbnail size
View as

Order FieldDefault ordering field - Name, Size, Last Modified
Order TypeAscending, Descending

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