Custom Charts for Confluence Macro - Quick Setup

You must have the ability to edit the specific Confluence page in order to add macros. You will know if you have editing rights if you see a pencil icon at the top right of the Confluence page.

  1. Navigate to the Confluence page and click the pencil icon to edit it

  2. In the Confluence page header, click the “+” sign, then in the search bar, type “Custom Jira Charts

  3. Select one of the 3 Custom Jira Charts for Confluence macros you’d like to add:

    1. Custom Jira Charts

    2. Issue List

    3. Simple Search

  4. Steps to build out the 3 macros are exactly the same as they are in Jira. Just hit Insert instead of Save once you’ve completed each setting

  5. Click Publish at the top of the page to make the macros visible to users