Global Settings


How to get to global settings

1.One way to open the External Share for Confluence Global Settings :

Click the External Share button in the left menu (APPS)

Another way to open Global Settings:

Go to Space Settings → App Links → External Share


2.Click “Global Settings


The contents of global settings:

List of all links from all spaces.

Space Configuration

In space configuration, you can globally restrict access to options available to choose from while creating a link. More information:


Global Settings:


In the Permissions tab, you can restrict and grant access to users that can take the following actions,

  • View shares on pages

  • Create new shares

  • Edit share configuration

  • Delete shares

  • Send shares via External Share outgoing email service

  • View all shares from space

Each of the above mentioned permissions can be set individually using groups.

Custom Email

  • In the Custom Email tab, you can set a custom email. Emails send by build-in send via mail form will be sent from your e-mail address.


  • In the Access tab, you can you can limit the access of external share users depending on their IP addresses.

Email Template

  • In the Email Template tab, you can customize email contents sent from External Share with your own content and layout.

Custom HTML and CSS

Page Customization

  • In the “Page Customization” tab, you can customize shared pages: disable dark mode, add a custom header, change its colour and hide it, hide subscribe button, add a custom logo, favicon and Google Analytics Measurement ID.

Custom Domain

  •  In the Custom Domain tab, you can configure a custom domain to make your shares available in your own domain.