Global Settings


How to get to global settings

1.One way to open the External Share for Confluence Global Settings :

Click the External Share button in the left menu (APPS)

Another way to open Global Settings:

Go to Space Settings → App Links → External Share


2.Click “Global Settings


The contents of global settings:

List of all links from all spaces.

Space Configuration

In space configuration, you can globally restrict access to options available to choose from while creating a link. More information:


Global Settings:


  • In the Permissions tab, you can restrict users that can create, edit and delete External Share links. By default, any logged-in user is able to create, edit and delete External Share links in any Space they have permission to access.

Permission access examples, if you restrict access to

  1. group empty then all users will have access to External Share

  2. group X then all users from group X will have access to External Share

  3. X and group Y then all users from group X and group Y will have access to External Share

Custom Email

  • In the Custom Email tab, you can set a custom email. Emails send by build-in send via mail form will be sent from your e-mail address.

Email Template

  • In the Email Template tab, you can customize email contents sent from External Share with your own content and layout.

Custom HTML and CSS

Page Customization

  • In the “Page Customization” tab, you can customize shared pages: disable dark mode, add a custom header, change its colour and hide it, hide subscribe button, add a custom logo, favicon and Google Analytics Measurement ID.

Custom Domain

  •  In the Custom Domain tab, you can configure a custom domain to make your shares available in your own domain.