Getting Started

This page is a quick guide to getting started with External Share for Confluence. For more information on all the available link options, as well as Space and Global settings, follow the links below (smile)

Link Options

Space Settings

Global Settings

Getting Started

On any Confluence page, click the External Share icon in the top right to view all links to that page

Server & Data Center

To create a new link, click the "Create External Share Link" button

Once you've created your link and selected the options you require (see Link Options for more details) you can send the link directly via email 

You can customize the format of your email, decide if you want to share the password, and add a friendly message

Here's an example of the email that your external users will receive

If a password has been set, you will need to enter it before viewing the page

The shared page can display text, tables, images, and most Confluence macros

Top Tip

If you forget to add an option to a link, want to change the password or update the expiration date just go back and edit the link. You don't need to create a new link, the existing link can be edited and updated as many times as you need (thumbs up)

To see all links that have been created in a Space, click the External Share button in the left menu (APPS)


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