Integration with Jira

Using our products: External Share for Confluence and External Share for Jira now it is possible to share Jira issues and filters embedded on your confluence pages on our shared pages. To use this feature both products needs to be installed on your instance.

Let me introduce you how to do it step by step.

First you need to allow your JIRA embedded issues and filters to be displayed on shared pages. This could be done on Global Settings page.


Then embed JIRA issues or filters into your page using JIRA Issue/Filter macro.


Jira issues and filters data are fetched in context of user who last modified confluence page where they are embedded. If user don’t have access to issues and filters they won’t be displayed on shared pages.

Thats all, your embedded issues and filters are visible on your shared pages.

Error codes:

001 - request was malformed

002 - External Share for Jira is not installed in Jira instance

003 - Could not access Issue / JQL Issue might not exists. Issue is fetched as user who created Confluence page or edited Confluence page. If this person has no access to issue then it will not be displayed.