Contract Signatures for JiraMacros


The Contract Signatures Macros for Jira for allow users to create contracts within Jira tickets by using code-formatted blocks and issue description field, users can quickly and easily include various signature fields, such as Signature, Signer, and Visibility macros.

Signature Macro

The Signature macro allows for the inclusion of signatures and inputs in a contract.

Users may include the following parameters inside the Signature macro,

  • Full name

  • Email addresses

The parameters will enable users to skip contract creation form, the signer information will be obtained from the parameters instead.

Additionally, users can choose the type of filed to be added using the Signature macro including,

  • Signature

  • Initials

  • Date

  • Text

  • Checkbox

The signer will have to populate the fields.

Here is an example:
[Signature A, Jessica Smith,]
[Initials B, John Doe,]
[Date C, Mencia Bishop,]
[Text D, Marcia Benz,]
[Checkbox E, Sarah Dean,]

If users do not include the required parameters, they will be prompted to fill out a contract creation form before the contract can be created. However, users can still use the Signature macro to identify where the signature and other fields should be placed within the contract.

Signer Macro

The Signer macro displays information about the signers in the contract.
The information displayed may include:

  • Legal name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Signing date

  • Signing date and time

The Signer macro cannot be interacted with or altered when the contract is created.

Here is an example:
[Signer A, legal name]
[Signer B, email address]
[Signer C, phone number]
[Signer D, signing time]
[Signer E, signing date and time]

Visibility Macro

The Visibility macro allows the user to control the visibility of certain content in the contract.
Any content wrapped by the macro will be hidden when the contract is created.

Here is an example:
[Hide start] This text will be hidden. [Hide end]

Example Jira Contract using macros

Below is an example of a Jira ticket with macros to create a contract: